Watercraft Care & Trailer Maintenance

Watercraft Care

Proper maintenance of your boat’s polyester resin and its fenders requires patience and often painstaking work, as well as experience in order to make your watercraft as durable as possible and maintain its mechanical integrity. To that end, Marine Dareos offers the following:

  • Watercraft cleaning using specialized products
  • Cleaning of hull
  • Waxing and shining of polyester resin
  • Application of barrier coats and anti-fouling paint using the best products available on the market
  • Protection and refurbishing of fenders on inflatable boats

Trailer Maintenance

Safe transport of your watercraft requires proper maintenance of the trailer used to carry it. That is why we provide the following:

  • Trailer cleaning after each use
  • Shaft bearings check and change
  • Braking system, lifting/lowering mechanism and belt check
  • Suspension and tires check