Gasoline-Powered Sterndrive Engines – Maintenance

Oil filter change
Engine oil change
Leak detection
Thermostat check
Water pump check (impeller)
Cooling circuit check
Belt check
Internal anodes change

Gear oil change
Anodes change
Bellows – water hoses check
Leak detection
Drive shaft check
Propeller check
Drive unit/Outdrive collision check
Shafts – joint check
Hydraulic lift cylinders check
Shaft greasing
Spark plugs or injectors check
Exhaust elbows – manifold check
Fault diagnosis and calibration

Fuel filters change
Fuel leak detection
Fuel pipes check
Carburetor – injection check
Fuel pump check
Tank check
Carburetor calibration using a state-of-the-art electronic device

Control cables check
Power steering cable check
Engine instruments check
Galvanic corrosion check
Electrical systems – battery status check
Engine greasing

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