Gasoline-Powered Outboard Engines – Maintenance

Oil filter change
Engine oil change
Leak detection
Thermostat check
Cooling circuit check
Belt check
Internal anodes change
Spark plugs check
Fault diagnosis and calibration

Gear oil change
Anodes change
Leak detection
Propeller check
Water pump check (impeller)
Water pump body check
Shafts check
Shaft greasing

Fuel filters change
Fuel leak detection
Fuel pipes check
Carburetor – injection check
Fuel pump check
Tank check
Carburetor calibration using a state-of-the-art electronic device

Anodes change
Trim – Tilt check
Hydraulic oil level check
Vibration dampers check
Engine locking pin check
Engine mounting screws check
Hydraulics leak detection

Control cables check
Power steering cable check
Engine instruments check
Quickstop function check
Galvanic corrosion check
Electrical systems – battery status check
Engine collision check
Engine greasing

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